Q & A - Vikas Swarup After reading a few other reviews, I agree that the novel is highly melodramatic. I haven't been to India, but I do understand the depravity of the slums and the caste system. And while Swarup really made an effort to make the reader understand what this part of India is like, I found it melodramatic and tedious. I get it, the world sucks, but everything that sucks about it is in this novel. Pedophile priests, murder, rape, intentionally disabling children to use them as beggars, etc. You name it, if you're disgusted by something, it'll be in this novel.
However, I enjoyed the story and the method in which it was told. It's a fairly engrossing, easy read and really told a fascinating, original story.
I'll be studying this is school, in comparison with the film, Slumdog Milliionaire. So this should be good.