On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves

Wow. On The Island was intriguing and sweet and kind of exciting. I read it in a night because I just got so hooked.

T.J. and Anna were pretty cute but mostly I was impressed by the writing because not once did I find it weird that they got together. It was good that she got them to wait until they were consenting adults but, really, the chemistry was there early on but it was never rushed.
The island survival was interesting. I'm curious about the amount of research that went into it because sometimes, especially with the shark and dolphins, my cynical self was just scoffing but I actually have no knowledge of that sort of stuff at all, so maybe I was perfectly legit.
I loved the end though. We did get plenty of book dedicated to their recovery and adaption back into civilisation, and, of course, the constant public attention about their relationship. It was an incredibly cute end, and even though T.J. was still young, his maturity had become obvious throughout the book and it was entirely believable. I suppose my favourite thing about this book most of all was the way it made me think. I'm aching for some other sort of island-y book and now I'm tempted to read The Blue Lagoon just to satisfy my need for castaways. But it made me ponder relationships - especially those with a significant age gap. And whether T.J. and Anna would have gotten together if they hadn't experienced such adversity together. And probably not. If you think about it, there would have been little to no romance if this was a book about T.J.'s island recovery from cancer. Anna would have been his hot tutor -- nothing more. I've read another book since I finished On The Island this morning (it's holidays and I'm lazy -- sue me) and I'm still thinking about it a lot. I even had a weird island dream last night. So weird.

My one fault was the initial blandness of Anna. T.J. was cute and then he turned into this tough man and it was gradual and great and no wonder Anna couldn't keep her hands off him! But Anna was a little pathetic at time, fair enough, she did get stranded on a desert island for four years, but she was always that little bit boring. And she was shaving her legs for years! You think she'd just let it go all au natural, but no. I understand if you were to keep shaving your armpits. Just not legs.
Also, the writing was quite plain and monotonous at times. It was mainly 'I did this and then I did that and we did this.' There wasn't a lot of internal monologue. We didn't learn much from the characters inside their heads. This never detracted from the story as I was still as fascinated, it's just something I noticed.
All in all, this was a truly fantastic book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably re read. I loved it and will be recommending to friends.