Fire - Kristin Cashore Re-read because it's just so bloody good at being awesome.

I hadn't left a review so here's just a quickie on how great it is.

Characters: Absolutely stunning. Fire should be one of the characters you hate - ridiculously beautiful, kind, smart and brave. And yet, she has had an incredibly difficult life and is the last of her kind. People often assume she is like her father - a psychopathic and killed by Fire. However, she has made some tough decisions and is almost constantly attacked and subject to jealousy, rage and hatred just because of her beauty and mind power that she was born with. She is an incredible character. Cashore does a magnificent job of portraying Fire as both loveable and strong.
Brigan, is the other central character. He is another one of my kind of men - kind, brave, strong and not too attractive because his wonderful personality means he doesn't have to be a sex-God to attract the most beautiful woman in the land.
Other supporting characters such as Archer, Brocker, Nash, Clara, Mila, Musa, etc. are all rife with personality and faults and beauties and they fill this book up with so much life.

The plot itself is long and winding. It more follows Fire's growths but the fall of the kingdom and the war are central in the story. I found it intriguing and understandable without having an over-explained political story thrown at me.

Fire is my favourite of the Graceling Realm and it is truly gorgeous. Read it. Now.