Tell Me You Want Me - Amelia James Ah ha ha. This book was almost laughable. Not even sure why when the dialogue put me on edge.
I'm going to have to quote something this time.

"You did it, Janie. You changed my mind. You healed my heart." He pulled her close. "You were right."

All in the span of two weeks! And yes, I'm literally giggling because it's just so awful! But wow. Incredible. Jane deserves a medal - she achieved the impossible and changed 'bad boy' Austin from whore to nice boy! Yay!

But seriously, Austin wasn't a bad boy, he was just a toolbox who slept with lots of women, treated them like crap and blamed it on it's parents. I wondered if he ever thought it through and realised he was admitting his parents controlled his penis. Would be less horny then, hey buddy? But after we got past Austin's total barf-worthy pick up lines, (for example, "Mm-mm, you're the kind of girl a man likes to dream about.") which, he blamed on his perpetual honesty (dude, you're actually just a twat), and 'perfectness' - because he's a star football player, going to be a doctor, pretty freaking hot and great in bed - Austin wasn't too bad. He was even cute at times. Then he'd do something douchey. But whatever.
Janie, on the other hand, was just annoying. She really was perfect. We hate perfect chicks. She's hot and smart and athletic. Mhmm, sure.
The worst thing though was she was all like, 'bitch, please' when Austin tried to pick her up but then at the same time she was like 'swoon, sex me now you ruggedly handsome beast'. So, yeah after she was like, learn my name and I'll go out with you (obviously she's a genius and doesn't realise that she's on a website and, you know, generally known around the college) he's finds out her name in a day and then they're together! Huzzah! Dates and all that stuff, they have wild sex which is amazing because they're falling in love, he tries to break up with her and she's not pissed off at him for kissing another chick, but because he's trying to break up with her and you have an... idiot. Jane just wasn't that smart.

Just the way the characters were written was terrible. They were contrived and unrealistic and oh my god, Austin's father is supposed to be the douchey dad - which he was - but he was so... unrealistically written that I just wanted to skip his parts.

All in all, the plot sucked because it's a romance of change and that shouldn't happen in two weeks and the characters were stupid.
But I finished it all because it was fun and hot... so 2 stars!