Lucy in the Sky - Paige Toon Oh, this was... not good. Maybe after my Sophie Kinsella-athon I expected too much out of some more chick-lit. And evidently this particular chick-lit did not come even close. The premise of this made me happy because, as an Aussie, I love Aussie boys and Aussie places and because I love silly romances and clever chick-lit, I thought I was onto something.
Sadly, I was not.
Firstly, 'smart' chick-lit. Lucy, our dear protag, was anything but. She swung back and forth between James (fiance) and Nathan (Aussie boy toy) with little hesitation. Her attitude to hearing about James and his questioned fidelity was appalling, and she broke up with said fiance (with some seriously wishy-washy evidence) and was happily in love with the boy toy in less than a day. She has a cassette player from boy toy with some nice classic rock on it, and she'd afraid that if James sees her with it he'll immediately jump to the conclusion she'd in love with boy toy. Why? I have no idea.

Second, Australian stereotypes were running rampant and it made me hate Paige Toon and her stupid chick-lit.
It was set in Sydney, fair enough, Sydney has the highest population. But everyone was either a surfer, gardener or unemployed. Yeah, that isn't right. I just thought it would be nice if an Aussie book was set outside of the outback or Sydney for once. Canberra is the capital, how about a little respect, yo?

And third, the writing was shit. I couldn't even begin to like the characters because they were described as boringly as if they were a tea-towel or something.
And it was the old back and forth 'he said, she said' with nothing remotely funny to keep me sane. As a funny little thing, Paige Toon had Lucy and Nathan telling each other stupid jokes all. The. Time. And they weren't funny or cute. Just really stupid and annoying. I'm bitter aren't I?

I was not happy. Why can't there be more awesome chick-lit?