Blood and Sand (Elemental World, #2) - Elizabeth   Hunter Hmm, how does Claudia feel about this one? Well, just to start off, I love Elizabeth Hunter and I shall worship her clever, interesting and romantic worlds forever and ever. However, this is probably my least favourite book of hers that I've read. And that's not saying it's not a great book - because it totally is - I just felt the plot was very trashy romance if you take out the mystery and sexy sexy vampires. I think the relationship between Natalie and Baojia was very rushed and I didn't get that feeling of 'yes, they belong together' that I usually do. And the character of Natalie was missing something that B and Brigid weren't. She's sexy, she's got spunk and she's pretty dang tough. I was just looking for something that made her interesting. Plus, I would have liked to see her as a vampire.
The mystery in itself was great, I direct tie-in from Carwyn and Brigid's story. The Elixir just keeps spreading, creating trouble.
Baojia was wonderful though I think he could have had a little bit more development too.
This book can still go in my Favourites, 2013 box because Elizabeth Hunter is a genius but it's not my favourite of hers.
Sidenote #1: Please, please please have next book be Tenzin and Ben. I ship them so hard. Like, so hard.
Sidenote #2: Does EH have a vendetta against blondes or something? Every single main character in her stories are either brunette, black or red-head. And the only blonde I can think of is Lorenzo. AND HE'S THE MEGA BADDIE!
So sheesh, give me a blonde please (other than Gemma and all that) thanks.