This Girl (Slammed, #3) - Colleen Hoover I can just tell that I'm going to stand out on here as finding This Girl pretty average. But I have to be honest, it was just so meh. So bleh. So 'I don't really care...'
And I think the problem was that I was expecting this really gorgeous epilogue style book and Will and Layken's relationship would be trialed but stand strong. But that just didn't happen.
This Girl was SUCH a cop-out. At 93% we got the next part of the story. Yay, 7% of actual book...
I love Will, he's great and all, but I already knew what happened because all the scenes were already told in Slammed by Layken. To reiterate, NOTHING NEW HAPPENED.
I already knew they were in love, it was obvious because at least that part of the series was written well.
So we were left with re-told stories and some pretty sickening purple prose.
I still really enjoyed the first two books, so I enjoyed hearing about Will more but I was bored.
And one last negative. (Please don't slap me) but I have realised that I don't like Layken. Such a pity because Will is a sweetie. But Layken was continually portrayed as a moody and bratty teenager who did get self-centred. It's a bit of a theme - that Layken should come first for Will. I get it. But I don't agree. If anything, she should be equal. Like Will explained, Caulder, his little problem, should come first, and Layken should be lucky to come second, if not third. SO STOP CHUCKING TANTRUMS BECAUSE WILL DOESN'T ALWAYS PUT YOU FIRST YOU SELF-ABSORBED BITCH!
(Again, please don't slap me)

So, the series is over and I'm sadly a little bit glad. I found it a bit too cheesy. I wanted some grit. Something to sink my teeth into, and for a teacher-student relationship style book, that should happened. But no, everything was happy for these two. And that's great. But it is a little boring. I think I worked it out: The entire series reads like fanfiction. Easy little cute things to fill up your chapters and satisfy your tween fans. It's cute but kind of barf-worthy.
Also, doesn't anyone think that it all happened a bit too fast? Layken had her first child at 21, when she knows that she is already looking after two young boys. Isn't that a little bit irresponsible? But that's my personal opinion on when you should start having kids and getting married. I try not to get too critical... But I can't help it.

So, yeah. It's over. Yep.