Wallbanger - Alice Clayton So I really did love Wallbanger. It was interesting and funny and clever and had a great slow romance. It wasn't too insta-love though there was a lot of insta-chemistry. It was a bit too silly sometimes. And got to that point when I got sick of the random 'funny things'. This usually included Clive the cat. Clive is way too human - nothing like my cat.
The only thing I hated was the constant reference to body parts, a la 50 Shades. It wasn't as bad but it got annoying. And the term 'hoo-hah' is used.
Still, totally great. Fun, light and silly with some pretty decent sex. Maybe it was just the fab build-up.
Side note: I find the cover fucks with my head. It looks like this guy is an alien with crazy leg arms that he has folded behind his back. But that's just to me.
Plus, this is super happy chick-lit at it's finest.