Shopaholic & Baby - Sophie Kinsella Okay, how do I feel about this series?

Dear Becky,
Just quick question; why are you so dumb?
I don't mean to offend you because academically you seem fine, but the general rule of intelligence is to learn from your mistakes.
Have you EVER learned from your mistakes? People around you are aware you're spoiled and shallow and irresponsible but you just can't help yourself can you?
Luke could probably do better, but he obviously loves you and that is truly what is important. I do actually quite like your relationship - except for the secrets! You're aware that you should have an honest, open relationship but it's near impossible for you to manage it! Come on!
However, I do love pregnant you, and I think you'll make great mum. Hopefully you and Luke get out of your economical problems soon because you will need all the money you can get to support both you and Minnie's shopping.
Another thing: Minnie? The name. WHY?
I'm sorry, but I just really detest that name. It's like you're asking for your daughter to be a brat. And she will be.
Now, Becky, you're loved and you love. You have a big heart and you get great ideas sometimes. But please, please try and learn to not get into any messes because I am this close to just abandoning you completely.
Love and well wishes,