The Sweet Gum Tree - Katherine Allred Hng.
That is all I can say. Hng.
You know, I usually really dislike the sappy, tragic romance that's just full of tragic and shitty characters. But I heard great things about this so I read it. And I loved it!
It was written in a lovely way - as a story, as Alix is looking back at her past. And it was simple and sweet.
The plot, while it did get a little bit crazy, it wasn't unbelievable. I loved the relationships, especially between Alix and her grandfather, the Judge. And all other familial relationships too because they felt very real.
But Nick, Nick was beautiful. He is what made this story 5 stars. Nick is hot. But instead of being this ladykiller, he has issues and emotions and a story that just makes you want to hug the poor boy. But Nick as an adult has worked himself out, done some good in the world and has come back to the woman he loves.
Because the plot is the story, I won't go into it, but it is beautifully written and very addictive. Highly recommended.