Temptation (Harlequin Teen) - Karen Ann Hopkins Hmmm. Not exactly what I had expected.
Temptation had great possibilities. The premise appealed to me in every way. Amish boy meets 'English' girl... Yeah, I could see how it would happen and what legitimate problems would arise. These issue were definitely addressed. But it was more the fashion in which they were. Melodramatic and fast-paced in a way that I didn't believe at all.

Let me ask you a question: In the blurb it says 'But I love Noah. And he loves me.' WHY?

That's the question that was never answered. Sure, we get a few attempts at explaining that Rose was beautiful and outgoing and bright. And Noah wants her to become Amish... where she has to be quiet, subdued and wear clothing that hides her beauty. Noah is apparently strong and brave but he irked me out a little bit. It seemed that his way of persuading Rose to become Amish was to tempt her with sex, saying, imagine how we could do it further every night if you were to become Amish. That's not an actual quote btw.
They were very physical but other than asking about each other's way of life, we never got an actual conversation from the two. I just don't get how they can be so adamant they are in love when it feels like they don't even know each other.

So, while I enjoyed the setting and the writing, the romance wasn't as brilliant as I wanted. I expected a slower build-up and more honest characters. As they were, both Rose and Noah were pretty irritating.
I will read the second book because it will hopefully pick out the problems that have the most prominence. If this was a stand-alone would have chucked it at the wall. As it is, I can see a definitely possibility for approval.