The Maze Runner - James Dashner You know when you hear about a book and you think, 'WOW! That sounds awesome!'? Yeah? Well that's how I felt when a friend told me about The Maze Runner. And then I read the synopsis and I thought that this really was going to be the book for me. And I think it could have been. It definitely should have been because I LOVE novels about codes and puzzles with some great action. And hey, a girl coming into a society where everyone else is a guy? Well there's bound to be some tension, right?
But there wasn't. And the codes and puzzles? Sorely lacking. And the plot? A bit wishy-washy. Surely the characters must be great then, right? Well, apparently not. I could have cut them out with scissors with the amount of depth that they had.
I'll go through all the bad first.
- The most annoying was Thomas - the MC. He lacked any sort of personality. Except for when he raged or cried (happened a surprising amount), then it was just awkward to read. I think he was supposed to be this mature and strong character who had to save the world. But it never really got there. This was partly due to pacing. It all happened so quickly that one minute he was the newbie, the next, the saviour. And while the fast pace made this a easy read, it meant that by the time I got to the end, I was still stuck in working out the Glade mode. But we weren't even in the Glade anymore!
Teresa, the girl who randomly appeared, she wasn't important. Well she supposedly was. But she wasn't really. So I found it hard to care about her. Especially when she was described as this really beautiful, amazing girl. Just, why? And the tension I was waiting for. It never happened. Ever.
Other characters had more interesting roles - my favourites were Minho and Alby because they had actual personalities.
Now for the maze code. I wanted it to be so cool. And when the solution was established my brain should have exploded. It didn't.
The information was dumped on us in a 'told not shown' fashion. Plus, the information dumping was so late in the book I'd just become frustrated, not interested.
As for the ending. It may just have been the worst ending I've ever read. With the pacing I'd mentioned earlier, it happened so quickly and so stupidly that I just... couldn't get it. I still don't. The issues that James Dashner is trying to deal with have been crammed into one book when there should be several book. Several series even! It was too much for my poor brain to handle. And even more, it was a cliffhanger. Am I supposed to want to continue with the sort of epilogue that implies that something else stupid happened in another place, with different people, at the same time?
I just... no.
My head is still wrapped in confusion and I feel like the acceptance from the characters about the ending was unbelievable.
This was not a book I enjoyed. However, it's not one I could hate. I won't read the next one but this was okay. Not great. But even though I despised those parts, the writing was decent and the idea was a good one.