Sweet Damage - Rebecca  James I didn't want to compare Sweet Damage so much to Beautiful Malice so much but I really can't help it when they're of the same genre, same sort of setting and then there's such a vast difference in delivery.
This book is fantastic, no lie, and I (am about to reiterate a very well-used opinion on my half) love Aussie lit, and this was exactly what I look for in my Aussie stuff.
The breakdown:
Character wise, we had Mr main character, Tim, who was your average laid-back, surfer, Aussie bloke from Sydney. He was great. Kind and funny and average but shone through the entire time because he was so open and compassionate that you felt a desire to just hug him.
Anna, however, was where the plot lay. Anna lives in a massive house by herself, she suffers from depression and agoraphobia but still captured my interests as being compelling without being told but shown.
And Lilla, someone hand me a machete quick-snap. I... did not like this girl. Which was definitely the point but still. I can't really go too far with her because she personality is where so much of the plot is.

The romance was a nice slow build-up with nothing annoying. It wasn't a romance book technically, but what there was was still better than some of the actual romance stuff you read.

I found the plot quite fast-paced but easy to follow and believe. The writing style was fantastic. Most of the book was written in Tim's pov but Anna got her own chapters slipped in there in third-person. That was lovely and moved everything along beautifully. In comparison to Beautiful Malice, there are significantly less 'shocks' but what we did find out really gave you a good heart-pounding.
What held me back from 5 stars was the fact that I didn't feel the 'psychological thriller' part of the book. There was definitely some fucked-up psychology happening but I wasn't convinced in it as much as I was in Beautiful Malice. This may have had something to do with where the big secret was revealed. But I also MUCH prefer the title 'Sweet Damage' because I wasn't feeling the 'Beautiful' in 'Beautiful Malice'.
The ending, also, was a bit rushed and I would have preferred some more depth and less, 'this happened, then this happened, the end.' We did get the great little bit at the end.

So, I ended up really enjoying Sweet Malice and found it a better, more believable read than Beautiful Malice and I would definitely recommend this read to anyone who wants quality.