Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella What? I don't get it. Eric was a dream guy! Loft-style living! Kidding, kidding. What a wanker.
Chick-lit puts me in a good mood. It's funny and cute and when it's written well, the dialogue can be superb. Remember Me? is a prime example of that. I loved the voice of Lexie and Eric was a hoot. Now every time I think of whipped cream, I get this image...
And Jon! Ah! A man after my own heart. Why is cynical but honest so bloody attractive? It probably helps when they're proclaiming their love for you.
What was also nice was Lexie's job, which was actually a massive part of the plot. And ended well.
Chick-lit is hard to critique because it so often follows a pattern, but I love most of the chick-lit I read. It is just so much fun. Great characters, great story, I just wanted more of an ending. It felt a bit rushed and didn't fit in with the rest of the book and the slow change in Lexie's view of the world she'd created for herself. I really just wanted more Jon. Jon, Jon, I love Jon.