Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3) - Cassandra Clare Heart-wrenching, gut-clenching, utterly amazing and beautiful. I don't think I can out my feelings into words. Usually when I try they come out a grabled mess: arrggggggggwillandtessaandjemandloveeeeesomanyFEELINS

That is how I felt when I read the last page of an extraordinary series. Ultimate happiness. Not just because the love-triangle was solved respectfully and beautifully, but it wasn't this crazy affair of disbelief. I think time helped. No love-triangle is easily solved unless a few of you are living an eternity longer than the other.

Another plus; all the characters were wrapped up in such perfect little bows and every single character that I cared about was addressed. We even got a bit of a conclusion for Jessamine.
So many feelings.

The epilogue was one of the best epilogues I've ever read. It really is the highlight of the book. Where the feelings come from. Epilogues can be so bleh. This was the God of epilogues.

I want to say, I cried. I did. And it was in complete happiness although my heart was dying a little as well. But no spoilers. Go read this! Right now! And then die from the feelings too.

And if you're like me, you start the pondering of what if the characters from the Infernal Devices met the characters from the Mortal Instruments. Because the events in MI are made reference to. And my brain just goes kaput whenever I think of what the meeting would be like. Because obviously there are some family ties. But they're pretty freaking amazing family ties.

So amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Oh Cassandra Clare, how do you do it? And I was worried. Especially after the shit storm that was created by her continuing MI into Fallen Angels, etc... And there is one more MI book to go. Will there be a meeting? Duh duh duh!