Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1) - Abbi Glines

So I started re-reading this after I read While It Lasts and I couldn't really remember why it was so bad, though I do remember thinking it wasn't great.
Now, I realize how awful it really is. I mean, the plot was fine and the characters were just kind of boring but the worst thing was the dialogue.
Oh my god, it is actually killing me slowly.

I'd just like to shout out a couple of words and hope Abbi Glines knows the correct reaction.
CONJUNCTIONS! Use them, live them, love them. I would read out some of the lines and they sound like some sort of robot humans. I think natural and to-the-point dialogue really makes or breaks a story and the fact that it was so... not natural really irritated me.

And the sickening amount of cheese. Everything got so cutesy and annoying and ugh that I just couldn't stand it anymore. Sadie and Jax fell in love in like a day and they were going on and on about how they can't live without each other. Get back to me in ten years time, yeah?

Also, just the general way Sadie's mum, Jessica, was written. It was unrealistic and irritating. Yeah, she's screwed up, but I didn't believe it. In my head, every time Jessica talked I imagined her as a five-year-old.

Oh god. And the shrimp. Sadie is supposed to be all strong and mature but she's practically vomiting when she's told to peel some prawns. That and the whole raw oyster thing had me screaming 'Get a grip of yourself!' The amount of precious book time that went on about how gross and slimy oysters are was ludicrous. In fact, she says quite a few times, 'I'm tough'. Yeah, of course you are.

I finished re-reading and I was just skipping pages by the end. I HATE Sadie. If I knew her in real life, I'd want to punch her because she's like super hot and incredibly sweet and so so dull. Guys were falling over her and she was just SUCH a Mary-Sue. And Jax wasn't great either. He just wasn't realistic. Sadie kept going on about how good he is with words but he just sounds stupid. And I hate the song lyrics and the way Jax was always like, 'you're my air.' Gee, it's not like that makes you sound like a tool or anything.

So, all in all, the more I think about this book, the more I hate it. Sorry Abbi.