Divergent (Divergent #1) - Veronica Roth AND... breathe! Talk about intense. To be clear, this is my second time reading Divergent and I'm still reeling from the action.
I loved the fighting and how powerfully Roth wrote action scenes. And there were puh-lenty of those. I think for me, I understand Tris and Dauntless. As others have said - you either love it or you hate it. You get it or you don't. Luckily I'm on the 'get it' side of the fence. Mostly because I'm from a stable, strong family but I totally get why you would join Dauntless - it's powerful and free and (when there isn't a war with hundreds of death) fun! I would love to zip line, jump from moving trains, etc.
And I get Tris - maybe she is a bit cold and lacking sympathy. But she's not lacking empathy. She is selfless to the point of suicidal.
And Tobias. Once again, tough and seemingly uncaring but he ends up being incredibly powerful.
I thought Veronica Roth did a fantastic job with her characters. They were different and, dare I say it, dystopian - a bit odd and hard for us to understand but this is a future society. Shit has gone down and this is what is left. Insurgent really backs this up.

So I loved the action, the characters and even though the plot got a bit difficult to follow, it was very, very exciting!
I am eagerly awaiting Book 3 (which doesn't even have a title yet - I think it should be called Detergent, personally).