Good Oil - Laura Buzo Ah, nothing better than a good Aussie YA.
I just finished this (much too quickly, I might add) and I'm finding pretty difficult to form a rock solid opinion.

It was great - I know I loved it. It was honest and sweet without removing the rough edges. Why is that it can contain sex and swearing and still be a glorious YA? Is it because it's not harcore or anything - it's not - it's a bit glossed over but the message is there. We know that he just had sex with someone only just legal. And a quite a bit of 'fuck!' and all sorts of greats swear words. And alcohol abuse. All of that. I love that. Is that an Aussie thing? That I think a good book can't be all smooth and lovely. And that you can't have book characters of the 15-21 age group with no drugs, sex and swearing. Good Oil isn't about drugs, sex and swearing. It's about growing up and learning the facts of life. And there are still drugs, sex and swearing. It's honest.
I've noticed that though - some YA books (true, they are also for the younger half of YA) are so innocent. Life isn't all peaches and roses. That's why a book about a sexy, yet completely innocent girl meeting a tortured bad boy and then having sex within a week of knowing each other pisses me off! (Abbi Glines, I'm talking to you).
But back to Good Oil, it is honest and the message it sends is true. Amelia learned about life. Chris learned about life. And they learned from each other and they didn't have sex!

Amelia, as a character is very real. She could be someone I know, so very easily. She's got the right amount of self-centered teenager - a bit too overwhelmed by her world that she can't see out of it very easily. Insecure, smart and funny.

And Chris - Chris is divine. He's a bit lost - what to do after uni? Stuck at home, shitty job... It's all a bit shit, mate, eh? But he has so much warmth and character. I found his POV enthralling. Tell me more!

And Laura Buzo does do a great job of entwining both characters' POV. We were given plenty of both, with no short chapters of each. It's settled the story, made it move slower and flow smoother. It was written very well and all the added tidbits, the book conversations, ideas on feminism, all very interesting.

It's a good solid YA. And I will VERY happily read some more of Laura Buzo.