Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi I've been on a dystopian reading spree lately and this book was right at the top of the fairly long list. I wanted to like it because many parts of this book were really enjoyable. In the end, I liked it but I didn't love it.
It started out really quite boring, I didn't really care about Paisley, Soren and Echo and Bane but we got plenty of information about them but after Aria got out of Reverie, we didn't hear much about them. On the other hand, the author didn't give us any information on how the people in the Pod's lived, other than they used these SmartEye eye patches things that took them to different Realms. The beginning of the book was a little tedious and Aria was quite dull and personality-less. She did improve by the end when she started to be more of an Outsider (and we find out why). But then we met Perry and he was one big hunk of awesome. I liked Perry. I think he made the book ten times more interesting. His super strong senses was interesting as well and I thought he made a really good male protagonist.
In terms of Perry and Aria's relationship, it was well enough done and it took them a while to trust each other which was nice and realistic but once they'd kissed, it was like they just got together so quickly it didn't make a huge amount of sense. They also had sex after the second time they kissed. I thought that was a bit of shoddy writing. Especially the way it was written. Not so sure this:
When they joined, her scent was brave and strong and certain.
When they joined?
Sorry, but really?
I didn't like how quickly they did it.

In terms of plot, it was good but it didn't keep me hugely captivating. I thought the twist at the end with Vale and Talon was the most well though out part of the book.

In total, I liked it and I'll read the next one, just things could have been improved.