Staying At Daisy's - Jill Mansell This is my second Jill Mansell book and I have such mixed feelings!
On one hand, Staying At Daisy's was funny and sweet and an absolute mood lifter. (An Offer You Can't Refuse was the other book by Jill Mansell that I've read and that put me on edge more so than Staying At Daisy's.) I loved the set up of characters and the balance that was kept in managing them all. Also, while I'm at it;
Marry me, Josh. I love you.
Honestly he was the most decent book character I've ever read. Funny and awesome and still a softie.

However, cliche was running amok and almost killing everything. Stupid cliche. Don't get me wrong - I love cliches. Books wouldn't be books without them. Especially in the chick-lit/romance world. But I couldn't see past the how full of it this novel was. OF COURSE that character was going to get with that characters - I saw it in the first three pages. It would have been nice to be left with a little bit of mystery.
Yes, I loved it because I'm such a hopeless romantic but once I'd closed the book, the pleasure ended and annoyance set in.
It was like finishing a fantastic piece of cake and immediately forgetting what it tasted like.

The characters were nice and broad - problem was, they were all so comfortable and content with their lives - maybe I've read too many annoying YA books that have one tragedy after a next that I've grown accustomed to them. But such perfect lives are kind of boring.
In a book, anyway. I'd be content with a perfect life, personally.
I did like Daisy, who was very honest and the sort of hard-working sensible woman with just the right amount of silly and humour to be an interesting character.
But characters such as Dominic, who was completely vile, was pretty unbelievable. Plus we did get a bit of a preach about adultery courtesy of Jill Mansell. Thanks.
But while other characters were funny and cute, or likeable, they were boring.

I guess that's what chick-lit can be like - unless it is extremely awesome.
Which in this case, isn't what it is. Though I will reiterate. It was super funny and enjoyable. Just not memorable.