Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2) - Marissa Meyer Wow. Not that was impressive. I decided to re-read Cinder before I went into Scarlet and I realise now how much I like the series. And Scarlet was a great addition to what is coming out to be a really interesting, fluid read full of interesting characters and a perfect mix of sci-fi, fantasy, dystopia and romance.

In Scarlet, I had a hard time deciding which POV I prefer to read. Cinder or Scarlet? It's difficult because both are such strong characters. Maybe I should judge it by their male companions - Thorne or Wolf?
Thorne is just a funny and dim prison mate who broke out alongside Cinder. He's hilarious and a good addition (given he's actually pretty helpful despite his shortcomings in his intellect). But even better, he doesn't become too much in the story. I hate it when his sort of characters are ALWAYS THERE. But he was just in the background, making me laugh, helping Cinder along.
But Wolf. Hmm, not sure how I felt about Wolf. You know that character who you start to trust, stop trusting, start trusting again, stop trusting, etc. And then you just can't be bothered to work out for yourself whether he's a goodie or a baddie. He just put me on edge. And the teeth? *Shudder*
The relationship with Scarlet is a bit fast and if it wasn't for Scarlet's awesomeness and the fact that she knows what her priorities are, I'd really dislike him for being all creeper-like and wolf-ish.

But I think the point is that he's got a few screws loose. And the book gives us the reasons why. Bit unclear how but it should hopefully be revealed in the next book.

Ultimately, the plot was action-heavy and had such a smooth, fast flow that I got pretty hooked and I found I loved the entire world-building.
So, yes, it was pretty great to read Scarlet because I did really enjoy it and am eagerly awaiting the next addition to the series.