Boundless (Unearthly, #3) - Cynthia Hand Completely and utterly beautiful. I got ultra warm fuzzies.

To start, I was a bit thrown by the complete change of setting. The jump from book 2 to book 3 is quite big if you haven't read Radiance - which I haven't because it isn't in my kindle store.
But I got what was happening so it wasn't really a problem. But the 'college experience' wasn't really a theme that was talked about much, which I liked because it made the plot flow much more smoothly.

The most important part of the plot, however, was even more unexpected. But I did really enjoy the way it was different. Angela did still irritate me. Just not my kind of person, I guess.

But the romance side of this - fantastic. Not overbearing and the angel-related plot (that was interesting and dark-ish but not anything more than YA gritty) was entwined perfectly. Yes, I'm not a Christian hater but I do find him quite boring - almost personality-less. So I was rooting for Tucker all the way, but at the same time I just didn't get how it would work. Human and angels just do not work. Quite conveniently though, there's a solution. Personally, I did find it a touch too convenient.
But no problem, because Cynthia Hand did a wonderful job of balancing the romance with the whole hell debacle.
It's a tad sad that probably the best YA angel trilogy is over because I haven't found anything with this amount of honest and wonderful characters (and no 'bad boy' - thank god!) so Cynthia Hand better think quick and send us a new series soon.