On the Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta So utterly beautiful. I love Melina Marchetta - she is probably my favourite author - so I'm not really sure why I put off reading this. I did try once, a couple of years back, and I got stuck at the confusing beginning and didn't push through. The beginning didn't get me this time, I was able to read right through because, though it was cryptic, it was still beautifully written and once you understood the whole concept of the territory wars everything became so so much clearer. Love love loved Jonah, Raffy, Santangelo as the sort of 'gang'. They were such brilliantly written characters. And I'd been told about how it was such a sad novel. That it would rip your heart out. Yes, I did shed one or two tears, but nothing like The Fault in Our Stars. I found the ending happy, personally, but it may be all a matter of opinion.

On The Jellicoe Road was incredible. Fantastic characters, rich description and a fascinating story line. I think this one made me particularly happy because of the setting. I presume Jellicoe is southern NSW/northern Victoria because of the distance to Sydney. The highway they drove on to get there is the Hume Highway and Yass, which is a very important place in the novel, is about 20 minutes from where I live. So the fact I could really picture it in my mind was amazing.

Also, Ben the violinist and the Mullet Brothers, they appeared in The Pipers Son and that made me very, very happy.

Now that I've read all of Melina Marchetta's works I don't know what to do with my life. I'll probably have a mental breakdown soon. To any aspiring readers, don't be perturbed by the cryptic beginning, the story slowly unfolds and it is so incredible and wonderful and heart throbbingly beautiful, you'll want to crawl into the book and live with Taylor, Hannah, Jude, Raffy, Santangelo and Jonah.