Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley Personally, my favourite books are Australian - because I am Australian. I prefer the way I connect with the characters and how the writing has the slang and language I use. I find they can be the most honest, in a way that I love. Graffiti Moon was no different. I loved how interesting all the characters were. There were no lies about their flaws - Ed had dyslexia or some other learning difficulty. Lucy could be pretty annoying. This just added to the book. Graffiti Moon had a lot of art and poetry. That's not my area of expertise but I still really loved the descriptions of beautiful and imaginative art. They were written beautifully, and throughout the entire book the prose was magnificent. I could laugh - I laughed a lot and felt close to all of the characters.
Though the book only spanned about a day, it was in depth and interesting and the character development was well done.
I really enjoyed Graffiti Moon. I hope to read more of this author.