Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick

Alright, so this series has ended. Not with a bang. Not even with a little pop. It wasn't bad, it was just pretty much everything I thought it would be.
I'll come back to this review when I'm feeling less like a zombie.

But; Nora was still batshit crazy and stupid. She's the same chick who runs into every single bad situation possible except now she's got a couple superpowers.
Patch got super boring and cutesy. Ew. He wasn't even that important, really.
What irked me the most though was Vee. Not her personality, but her secret. This is supposed to be a small town. Now everyone is part angel. My god.

So the characters left a little to be desired. Luckily, the plot was alright. It was written well, but it was fairly chaotic and busy. It did all make sense and it wasn't a Twilight-Style ending. There was bloodshed. But then the ending. Oh my god.
I need someone to rant to.
People just, quite a few, actually, DIED and Patch and Nora are running off making out!
So, it's over. Not good. Not bad. Just dumb Nora Grey and odd Patch.