On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young Wow. Talk about steamy. On Dublin Street was good! Interesting also because there was proper character development going on as well as a great romance. That's what made this book less average, and more awesome. I had a few problems; such as Braden's random psycho moment. I got why the author did it - to show how Joss and Braden's relationship was special, deep, whatever. But it wasn't necessary and it wasn't enjoyable to read. And the use of the word vajayjay. Oh dear god. Nearly stopped reading when I saw that. But I continued, and I'm glad I did.
Yes, the sex was good. Not over-the-top. Just right. But their relationship in general was snarky, and sexy and the chemistry was perfect.
I recently finished an older YA fantasy book of Sam Young's and it wasnt that great. I can tell her writing has improved by reading On Dublin Street. Can I just say, bonus points for the Scots, Brits and general greatness of those characters.
So, yes, a wonderful book. I'll be looking out for more Sam Young contemporary romance.