The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas This was good! Originally, as I was reading, I was like 'oh god, I hate Celaena' but I grew to like her. She wasn't a great protag because she was so arrogant and that got a little irritating sometimes, but I felt like she was a good character. I never got the sense that Celaena was not an assassin. She was pretty tough. I also liked how she was properly smart.
But when it came to the romance, Dorian was cute. Ish. He was such a cliche, good prince who would fix his father's wrong-doings when he got the chance that I didn't feel any sort of chemistry between he and Celaena. Chaol on the other hand, oh Chaol. I love him. He's great. And I believed his character more.
The fantasy and romance of this was well done. The fantasy focused more on magic and less on the kingdom at war but I expect that to change a bit more in the next book.
All in all, I did enjoy. I'll read the next one.