Smokeless Fire - Samantha Young While I wanted to like this, because the whole plot is an interesting concept, when I actually read it I was pretty underwhelmed. The problem was the author's portrayal of the main character. I simply did not like Ari. It started when Ari described herself as 'knowing she was pretty' and 'knew she could look good no matter what'. It's that sort of thing that just peeves me off. Charlie was a character who I felt sympathy for but he just kind of lacked personality. Then his behaviour at the end - despicable. What an idiot. On the bright side, I did like Jai. He was interesting and funny and just quite sweet.
Also, the Red King talked like a 15 year old boy. It was an effort to be funny and hip but failed miserably. The White King and all other big important people were written cliche and I just didn't believe it.
Other than that, the romance was pretty good. It didn't come on too quickly. It wasn't written fantastically. It was just too obvious. But I did end up getting a little smile when Ari and Jai almost kissed.

I won't read the next book because even reading the summary annoys me. I might later. We'll see.