Stardust - Neil Gaiman I do now realise why this is on the 'movie is better than the book' list. I did really enjoy Stardust because it was imaginative and easy and cute but there was this huge contradiction running throughout it - maybe it's intentional, I don't know.
Anyway, Stardust is written in an almost childlike prose but swears occasionally and actually describes a sex scene in vague, yet clear language. (Just realised I used a huge contradiction there too...) It was obvious what was happening, okay.
And in contrast to the movie, the plot didn't sit together as firmly or snugly as the movie. All the elements were there but I was constantly yearning for more detail.
But that's the end of my criticisms. I loved it, really, truly. It had a poetic sort of feel to it and I deeply enjoyed Yvaine's personality. Tristan sometimes felt a little dull but I didn't get sick of him.
All in all, a totally lovable and quick read.