Easy - Tammara Webber With a book like this being compared to Beautiful Disaster is not a compliment. Easy was so much better and I did really enjoy it without hating on any of the main characters.

Jacqueline was very real. Yeah, she wasn't the most exciting female protag to ever grace the pages of a book but she was still interesting and realistic. She was smart and strong and this wasn't shown by her punching people on a regular basis and being an A+ student. She was incredibly resilient after the attack and bounced back as well as she could. She got self-defence training and talked about seeing a therapist. I thought at some points she was very focused on Kennedy, even after the attack. She could have had her priorities in order a bit better.

I do think Easy went through a bit of a funny stage, about a third of the way in where Jacqueline turned a bit whiny about Kennedy and her broken heart but forgot about the fact she'd just nearly raped. It picked back up again when Lucas and Jacqueline got closer and it turned out really well.

Lucas, he was fantastic. He was damaged in the sort of the way not a lot of people think is realistic but he was a good strong character who I ended up loving. He and Jacqueline worked out well also.

All in all, Easy was a fantastic read. It sent the right messages about getting help after rape and had realistic, interesting characters and a solid plot.