Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally Kind of cute but kind of just annoying.
I be lazy. Dot points, yo.

1. Jordan was tough. At least she was supposed to be. She was set on football (unrealistic as it seemed to be) and was committed but let one guy screw it up for her. Also, she cried a lot. Like, a lot.

2. The football bored me. I'm Australia so I didn't understand any of the American football talk. Just a bad book choice on my part, but still.

3. Just got a bit pathetic and repetitive at times. I just wanted Jordan and Henry together... but no...

4. Jordan was easy. As in, she had sex with Tyler after about a day of going out with no sort of worries at all. She'd never been kissed until the day before and suddenly she was going all the way?

All in all, it was entertaining and it was actually fairly well-written just not really the book for me.