Lock and Key - Sarah Dessen I've read quite a lot of Sarah Dessen and though I adore her writing style and the unique messages in each book, I'm starting to get tired of the same old protagonist female. Her protagonist males are always different and swoon-worthy but in Lock and Key, Ruby was just... Empty. I don't think I ever got the hint that she smiled or laughed.
I have to say, while I loved Cora and Jamie ad Nate, Ruby became pretty sullen after a while. I felt the story never really climaxed. Ruby just learned about family, became a better person, etc. but she never became interesting, you know? So while Lock and Key sent the right messages to its readers, it was kind of flat.
Overall though, while Lock and Key was enjoyable and had those warm, fuzzy moments we all know and love, it's not one of my favorites. I'll just reread This Lullaby and Just Listen.