Cross My Heart - Katie Klein So, when I first read this I wasn't really impressed. Just kind of like 'eh'.
But then I re-read it now it's been a year or so and I actually appreciated it more. Yeah, Jaden sometimes got a tad annoying because she was so perfect and then... not perfect. But that's the point, right. And anyway, the fact that the plot twist made a 'hot, perfect, smart, perfect, mysterious, bad boy' totally realistic and it was great.
I also actually enjoyed the sub plots, such as the wedding and Savannah and Tony. They didn't distract from Jaden and Parker and just added a tad more depth.
So, yeah, it's better than I originally thought.
Can I have one little whingey complaint? I legit hate the name Jaden for a girl. Should have just kept it as Jade. That would be pretty and cute.
So, yes, good. And enjoyable. Well written. Just wasn't sparkling in amazing brilliance. But that's okay.