Paranormalcy - Kiersten White Alright, so I truly adored this book - this series! It was fresh and fun and interesting. Evie was great because she wasn't obviously stereotypically tough right from the start - she cried quite a bit and loves pink and sparkles - but when we got to know her, she was really clever and stubborn and very relateable.
Other characters such as Raquel and Lend (ah, what a cutie) were realistic and completely interesting. I wanted to read more about them, unlike some stories when you're like, 'omg, i'm so bored right now i could die.'
Yes, Lend was amazingly cute and a good boyfriend without getting violent/stalerish/possessive. Wow! How revolutionary! I probably helped too that he could look like anyone he wanted.
Even better, when it came to the Evie/Lend relationship, the book didn't start to centre around whether they would work together or not. It stayed completely about Evie's problems with faeries and IPCA.
So, I was thoroughly impressed with the entirety of this book and I also enjoyed the books after it. So, yay!