Such a Rush - Jennifer Echols I don't know what it is about Jennifer Echols, but her writing hooks me every time. Her and Sarah Dessen give me some of my greatest book pleasures - truly.
Such a Rush was such a winner (ha de ha) for me. The characters were so real (despite being people I couldn't really relate to) and I immediately fell in love with Alec and Grayson. When I read the blurb though, it says 'caught between two brothers'. While true in a way, I feel like that was some sort of advertising strategy by making is seem all angsty in a love-triangle way, when it was NOT. It was much more about growing up and learning how to do the right thing.
I actually don't have a huge amount to say about the rest of it though. Other than I really really loved it. I'll probably reread one day and I'll be able to put my finger on what was so amazing.