Legend - Marie Lu This was a good dystopian which I really felt like it was Divergent/Hunger Games. It had the urban setting and highly trained military personnel of Divergent but the more complicated romance of Hunger Games - actually, the similarities between Legend and Hunger Games are quite a stretch. But anyway, I did think the world building was a lot more clear than Divergent but the personalities weren't.
June, for starters, was tough and strong and cool. But... so was Day. She got a perfect score, he got a perfect score. She can climb building in minutes, so can he. I wouldn't go as far to say they were exactly the same because they're inner voice was different - more of a result of growing up different than anything though. Their feelings for each other did come up a little strong, too fast. But I usually overlook that, mostly because there's usually a good reason for it.
I also thought Marie Lu did a good job with other characters like Thomas, whom I hated from the start, and Tess who I loved from the start.
I'm not sure if there's a second book yet. It'll be a surprise if there's not - just because are there any books who aren't written in series anymore? If anything, the book stopped at a perfectly place for the complete end. Ambiguous but interesting.
So yeah, this was good. I really enjoyed it.