Incarceron - Catherine Fisher I wanted to love Incarceron so so much for a couple of reasons; 1. It's a really cool plot idea and 2. I have never read a book where the protagonist has the same name as me.
Sadly, by the end of the book I realized I just wasn't interested anymore and it had gotten boring and not really believable.
Claudia, while a nice, strong character, didn't seem to be able to be anything but stuck up and haughty. And Finn was so so boring. In the end my favourite characters were Attia and Keiro.
In my mind, before I read Incarceron, I had thought of the plot in a specific way that I thought would be really interesting and the actual plot didn't really satisfy anything. The prison was cool so I really wanted to hear more about it, instead we got a crap load of information about Saphique that I just didn't really care about.

So if I ever need something to read I'll continue reading. But we'll see.