American Gods - Neil Gaiman It's long, meandering and confusing. It's also probably taking the longest time to read than any other book I've read.
I like it, I do. I just need to finish it and mull over it and sift through the metaphor, dreams and find the skeleton of then story. Then I'll get back to you.

Okay; now I've finished it.
Alright, firstly, wow. Mr Gaiman really knows how to write an amazing story. It took me a long time to read and that was good in a way because it made me really think about everything that was happening.
Basically, I loved the idea of American Gods and Gaiman accomplished something wonderful with this book.
I will have to reread eventually though just so I'm on top of everything.
But I did love it and the characters were wonderful (I found myself really loving Laura's story) and the plot was intricate and full of awesome.