Across the Universe - Beth Revis I went into Across the Universe with a little trepidation because, normally, I don't really like space sort of stuff. It's a bit too sci-fi. But after I'd gotten into Across the Universe and understood the whole ship concept, I really started to love it. Amy and Elder are good, strong characters and I adored Harley.
It was classic dystopian (though I'm not sure dystopian can be considered a classic genre) and had all the themes that make a great dystopian except it was SET on a SHIP! Cool, huh?
The thing that stopped me from giving this 5 stars, was the fact that while everything was good, nothing was fantastic.
The plot got a little wishy-washy and tedious in places and I felt myself just wanting to get to the end, instead of basking in awesome.
I am still really looking forward to reading the next book because this book really was up there.
So, I did love it, really. Hopefully, the next book is even better. :)