Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

I get the love and I get the dislike. I get that people think that Celaena is arrogant and wishy-wishy and annoying. I jut don't actually care. I think she's pretty cool but just a bit overwritten.


Throne of Glass intrigues me. I find the first third a little bit stilted and boring, but I get absolutely sucked in for the rest. I'm half in love with Chaol myself and I have so much sympathy for poor, naive Dorian.

The assassin working for the King is not a new concept but I find the fact that Throne of Glass tells the story of how she got there quite interesting, but it definitely think it could have been written more interestingly. When I think about it, the majority of the novel is Celaena sort of doing stuff that I can't even remember. The plot mostly skips over all the 'tests' that Celaena has to go through and I would have loved to get some of them in greater detail just so I can legitimately believe that Celaena is as badass as she is supposed to be.


The magic aspect of this is cool - I like it. But again, it could have been done better. I think more detail could have been out into the Wyrdmarks and their roles.

They're magic... but not? That's what the author is trying to tell us and I'm a bit clueless.


And then we have everyone's favourite love dilemma - a love triangle! (voms) Although, as much as I hate love triangles, this is nowhere near as bad as some. At least in Throne of Glass I like both men and can understand the confusion - handsome, charming Prince or the strong, sweet Captain of the Guard. It''s not the worst love triangle ever, I submit.


So even though I want more out of this book, and I'm excited to read the next book because I hear it's great in comparison, I think Throne of Glass is a pretty decent fantasy.