Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

Holy Mother of GOD. That was PHENOMENAL.
I made myself read Throne of Glass again prior to reading CoM and I liked it just as much as the first time I read it but I wasn't 'in love'. But CoM has bumped the entire series up into the favourite series lists. I LOVED IT.
And I want to gush but I'm also going to keep the review relatively spoiler free.  
Gosh I almost can't articulate how awesome I though it was so this might have to be a short and snappy review. Firstly, I definitely believe that Celaena is a kick-ass assassin. Even when at the beginning, I doubted it because she wasn't actually killing people, but then, you know, she went crazy


I love the plot change with Dorian. Yeah, he's not my favourite but I still think it was a great decision.

One little nit-pick which isn't a nit-pick but just a comment -

why make Celaena a Fae?

(show spoiler)

She's already a talented assassin, why make her anything more than normal in other ways?

Wyrd magic has become THE major plot point, which I also like because it explains a lot as well as keeping a certain amount of mystery. The monsters and action in this is what stands out to me - Sarah J Maas is amazing at suspense and action.

I also read that Sarah J. Maas wants to make it a 6-7 book series, even though its only signed for 3 at the moment, and that makes me deliriously happy because I don't ever want it to end. Ever.

And then the end. No words. Just hnnnnngggggg
That's all.