I am having a conniption

Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

I'm pretty sure I hallucinated.


I hallucinated that ending right? RIGHT?!


I didn't find this a worthwhile ending to a trilogy that I thought ruled in it's spunk and toughness. I definitely found it bland and lacking.


And I can't even say that it's because of that ending. Why? I honestly don't understand why. Usually I get why you would do that to a character. But I felt it was unnecessary, and almost a 'fuck you' to endings that at least have some semblance of trying to please the reader.Or at least have some meaning - I didn't find any.


My God, WHY?! I thought the plot went nowhere, and the amount of page space that was used up to explain moral ambiguity and it's appearances in the novel. What is the truth? And what do you do with truth once you've got it? It's great when stuff like that is a theme, because it does make you think. But I want some real plot.


And a better ending.


Ahh, I just... I can't even review this properly. I give up.