The Scribe: Irin Chronicles Book One - Elizabeth Hunter

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Hunter. I love her smart plot, easy to read, likeable and intelligent characters.

The Irin are the paranormal aspect of this series - as opposed to the vampires in her other series - and are another take of the fallen angel mythology. The main characters are Ava and Malachi who are likeable and complicated.

AND ITS SET IN TURKEY - I love that, and describing the setting is something that Elizabeth Hunter does particularly well.


What's most interesting in this story is the pacing. It's not a huge book - it only took me about a day to read and everything happened very fast. But luckily there wasn't really any insta-love or rushing of character development. It just reads very quickly and that's not necessarily a bad thing, assuming it's a long series.


So for a quick, smart, interesting and really beautifully written romance/ paranormal, I recommend this one.



BTW: doing this on my phone and its not easy. Does Booklikes have an app?