Definitely, Maybe in Love - Ophelia London

Pride and Prejudice adaption... And it was... fine.
I read this one pretty quickly and I enjoyed almost all of it (though the name Spring Honeycutt... not sure how I feel about that one).
The plot was modernised sufficiently, and the personalities were great - except for one.
Julia/Jane's character was completely butchered. Jane, who I've always loved for being sweet, smart but strong, turned into a blitering wreck when Dart/Bingley broke up with her. And then goes and does the stupid thing (that Lydia is supposed to do)
And with that, the character of Jane/Julia is ruined.
The rest of the book I was fine with. Good writing, good Darcy/Henry and Elizabeth/Spring relationship.
It was just a little flat, if anything, entirely unmemorable.