Shadow of Time - Jen Minkman

It took me a bit longer, and I had a whinge once or twice, but it was actually a decent book. That being said, I didn't love it and I have a few complaints. But before that, I wanted to say kudos to the author for translating this to English, from... I can't quite remember what language. Dutch? I thought it was great. There weren't any obvious errors, just a few phrases which were a bit awkward but mostly everything was great. 


The characters were quite possibly the weakest aspect of the book. I found Hanna, the main character, very immature for a 23 year old. I'm not sure whether this was done on purpose so her 'love' for a 17 year old was less weird, or whether she is just immature. Either way, I didn't like the way she flipped back and forth between wanting Josh (the 17yo) and knowing he's too young/her brother's best friend. Her dramatic actions regarding everything to do with Josh. For example, after an incident when Josh breaks up with her and leaves, she does a Bella Swan and becomes depressed. She doesn't eat, won't get out of bed, and says things like, "I feel so empty, Ben. So empty." (p240)

My problem with this is that it's such a bad view of depression. Especially when just a few days later, Josh returns and they're back together straight away, professing their undying love and devotion to each other and Hanna is completely fine.

They've been together for a week, max! This just annoyed me so much because, as a reader, nothing had been explained so I didn't know that there was a deeper reason to their insta-love. At this point (55%) I was just about to give up and proclaim it as dnf. But I continued on and, finally, at about 60%, the actual paranormal plot line began.

Josh was sweet, kind and lovely. But sadly that was all he was. I never got the feeling that was anything more than a sweet character who did good things. Problem was, I found him a bit boring. That being said, it was nice to read a character who wasn't a raging alpha male. This guy was passionate about looking after his people. I really respect that, and I liked him, but he didn't get a place in my male MC hall of fame.



I don't know about you, but it sort of irritates me that the annoying, teenage, angsty love story had to take up 60% of the book and only 40% goes to the cool, paranormal section.

This part felt so rushed. It was good, and even managed to illicit a bit of panic in me as a rooted for the characters as they had to go into a creepy place. But it was sort of anti-climatic in the end, and I wasn't overly convinced.


But that's the bad. What I really did like was the world-building and description of the cultures and practises of the native American Indians. I personally know absolutely nothing about their history so I was convinced. Hopefully people who do know things about it are also pleased with how that part of the book was written.

I also liked the flashbacks and explanation of reincarnation. That was definitely the most interesting part of the book, hands down. Reincarnation fascinates me and I think that more time should have been devoted to it instead of it being used as a explanation for the paranormal evils.


And lastly, the relationship between Hanna and Ben, and Josh and Ben was great. Evidently Ben is a great brother to everyone, and I think it's great that family was still a big part of the novel.


All in all, I liked it but it could have been more.


I received this book as a giveaway in exchange for an honest review.